Greg Green Statement

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I work from scratch with no concrete plan and follow a series of problem solving moves. I throw myself in the middle of the lake and am forced to swim out. The result is a trail of creative processes, letting the corrections show. Hopefully keeping ego moves at bay and showing my true nature or the rhythm of nature. Truth. This way of working also results in covering up lots of paintings. My only formula is not to have a formula.

My paintings are archetypes showing love, pain, sex, history, doubt, and a constant exploration of paint. It never seems to get any easier. Over the last 20 years I have been doing variations on Chaim Soutine’s “meat” paintings. They are figurative and can become very abstract at times. The paintings speak of crucifixions and historic drama.

The circus theme is also historic in art. Picasso and Toulouse-Lautrec come to mind. Magic and colorful. The elementary school shapes and colors are universal to all peoples and societies. This keeps the work understandable to all cultures.

I look at and study Bill De Kooning, Francis Bacon, Lee Krasner, and a young Peter Saul. The work is also influenced by Terry Winters, Christopher Wool, and the underground commix of my youth. Greg Green: 2011